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Your one stop solution to all the machinery tooling, magnetic equipment, SUS sanitary fitting and machinery supplies. We are certainly a leading supplier of industrial magnet in Malaysia. We avail you all the important products related to machinery and engineering within the most nominal prices and a variety of categories. All our products and designs promise one thing in common – a good quality. Ours is a team of experts which look forward to manufacturing the best of engineering good and products having quality as its major highlight.

Our products are divided into four major categories. Here is everything that you need to know about the products that we provide and services that we extend to you.

Magnetic Equipment

We are one of the leading providers of magnetic equipment and industrial magnet throughout Malaysia. All our products under this category include grate magnet, drum separator, bullet magnet, multi bullet magnet, magnet bar, rotary magnet, plate magnet, and hump magnet. The magnet equipment that we provide promise all sorts of EU standards as well as quality.

SUS Sanitary Fitting

All our sanitary fitting products are engineered using a good technology, thereby promising you a good quality, strength and an all-round durability. The products under this category include piping, ferrule clamp, SMS union, tee, elbow, valve, reducer and pump. We also offer the after-purchase service on a variety of products.

Machineries Tooling

Along with providing our clients and customers with high-grade machinery products, we provide them with good machinery tooling so that nothing intrudes during their project of construction. All our machineries tooling include products such as carbide end-mill, HSS end-mill, machine drill bit, multi bullet magnet, magnet bar, rotary magnet, plate magnet, hump magnet, etc.


Apart from providing the best quality magnets, machineries tooling as well as sanitary fitting products, we also provides our clients and customers with high-quality and high-performing machineries which are strong, sturdy and durable in nature. These machineries are engineered using the latest technology, thereby giving out the best performance throughout their use.

Leading supplier of industrial magnet In Malaysia

Best quality, Affordable & Specialist

We are your one stop solution to all kinds of engineering queries and we make sure to provide you with the best services and aiding – in all sorts and forms of structuring and engineering. Our solutions and services are always at your disposal and thus we make sure to fulfill them all, as per all your needs, requirements and demands. We are a leading provider of Magnet Malaysia and we extend a number of other services to the people of the country.

Our business includes providing you services in the prospects such as Magnetic Equipment, SUS Sanitary Fitting, Machineries Tooling as well as Machineries. All the products and services that we provide are sourced for the business partners who are very consistent in regard to their commitment as well as quality. Not only this, we also look forward to catering all sorts of special orders for all kinds of projects and tend to customize the projects as per the needs and demands of all our clients and customers.

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