Why Us?

Every establishment opens itself with a view to achieving all its prospect goals and faring well throughout the markets. We, at Action Machinery and Engineering had established ourselves with the same purpose of showcasing our best of talent in the manufacture of magnets and engineering products and serving the people of Malaysia at large.

Ever since our establishment, we have majorly focusing on the manufacture of the products which define quality over everything else. We are purely dedicated and committed towards making the engineering products which are good in terms of quality and standards, so as to fulfill all the engineering needs and their very purpose of serving the people at large.

We have been in the business of magnet industry and the industry of engineering products for over many years and considering our fine experience in the business, we are backed by some of the most reliable as well as reputable partners. All the products that we supply under our name are consistent in terms of both quantity as well as commitment.

One platform, many products:

We provide you a one stop destination where you can explore a variety of engineering and manufacture products at one platform. We have associated ourselves with the manufacture and production of magnetic equipment, sanitary fitting, machineries tools as well as machinery and under these four categories we have availed a variety of products which can be taken into one use or the other. All these products that we offer on to our platform are designed using high technology and expertise.

A dedicated team of experts handling the chores:

Whether it is providing you with the industrial magnet or fetching you with the products relating to machineries tooling – we have got you covered completely. Thanks to our team of experts which work day and night with utmost commitment and dedication to give out the best results to the clients and customers. Our team of experts have served all the clients and customers who have taken into use all our magnetic equipment and hence they concern themselves with the manufacture of all those products which would fulfill the increasing requirements of the clients in context with engineering.

We also cater all kinds of special orders from our customers for different projects involving different budgets. We have always looked forward to serving our clients and customers with the most satisfactory services and within the most reasonable price. This surely makes us one leading Magnet supplier throughout Malaysia. Alongside, our other products relating to sanitary fittings, machinery tools as well as machinery has also attained a great recognition among the people.

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Your one stop solution to all the machinery tooling, magnetic equipment, SUS sanitary fitting and machinery supplies. Over the years of our business and services, we have served a majority of clients and customers who have made the use of our offerings in the whole machinery and fixture and fitting industry. All our services and offerings meet the EU standard in the concerned businesses, thereby promising quality and good results.

Get in touch with us and we would help you out with all your queries. We are always happy to help.

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